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Fantasy Baseball Team Names: How to Create An Awesome Fantasy Team Name

What makes a fantasy baseball team name awesome? And what are the No-No's of naming a a fantasy team? This page answers those questions so that you don't fall into the same traps as some fantasy owners and end up giving your team a superlame name. First we'll take a look at what several other people have to say on the subject and then we'll try to boil it all down to some simple rules for creating a fantasy baseball team name that will strike fear / laughter into your league members! Just don't forget to post your new fantasy baseball team name on this site so the whole world can revel in your awesomeness!

The first web page we'll check out is a fantasy football article, but it is relevant to all fantasy teams names... let's see what it had to say (all emphasis/bolding added by me):

A team with the manager's name or his favorite team is incredibly lame and unoriginal. There may not be an award for it, but the guy with the best team name is always well respected amongst the rest of the league.

So what makes a good name?

Involving current players with rhymes or dirty jokes are the gold standard. Using guys that aren't in the NFL anymore is not going to cut it. The more creative the better. But don't use yesterday's news. That means any Charlie Sheen joke is off-limits—that was so four months ago.

It's not an easy task, and the criteria for evaluating a good name are up for debate.

So what did we learn there? Don't just call your team (Jim's Hockey Team)! That's lame. Instead try to come up with a name that is a play on words (using baseball terms and lingo) or something of that nature.

General Rules for creating a great fantasy baseball team name

  • DO NOT use your own name as your fantasy baseball team name
  • DO NOT use a real team's name as your team's name
  • DO put some thought into it. Your leaguemates will appreciate you for it!
  • DO be funny!
  • DO know your league. Some will have big issues with offensive names, but if not... then be IN YOUR FACE!
  • DO use rhymes if you can do so without sounding like Dr Seuss
  • DO use plays on words (puns) relating to baseball players' names
  • DO mix in some baseball terms / lingo
  • DO reference current events (related to baseball or not). Either will be funny, but make sure they're atleast relatively current
  • BONUS POINTS if your team's avatar is obviously related to your name

Having trouble coming up with your own baseball team name?

If you don't have time to think about a name or you just don't consider yourself that creative then you can always just use us as your muse. Take a look at our huge list of Fantasy Baseball Team Names and choose one of them for your own! Just find one that fits you and use it! You might even choose to tweak it to suit your own style / personality. If you do decide to tweak one you find here then consider adding your new version to the collection so it can be enjoyed by the entire fantasy baseball world!